Where Yara operate in Ireland

Yara Ireland is based throughout Ireland with facilities at various locations.


The Belfast site is located beside Belfast port and consists of modern offices with up to date packing and storage facilities to successfully deal with the volume of fertilizer that is marketed and sold in throughout Ireland. The fertilizer arrives into the port of Belfast from Yara own manufacturing plants, where it is discharged into our bulk storage premises. The site covers 5 hectares with both bulk and bagged storage capacity.

The bagging and storage facilities, which are operated by Charles Tennant (N.I) Ltd, have in recent years been modernized and improved so as to handle the increasing volume of fertilizer. The packing facilities were recently upgraded so that production can easily be increased to meet demand from our sales and distribution network.


The Moira site is located some 15 miles inland from Belfast and consists of bagging and storage facilities to handle the increasing business which now exists for Yara throughout Ireland. Distribution from here is handled by the Irish sales team, they are responsible for all the sales and marketing of Yara branded products, which are sold and distributed through a network of Agricultural Merchants and Agents.


The opening of a new bagging and distribution centre at Ringaskiddy, Cork ensures the efficient supply of the correct fertilizer brands to the local market. Fertilizer products are brought in from Yara’s plants in Norway and bagged locally to ensure the delivery to farm of free flowing products using local hauliers.

Where Yara Opperate in Ireland