What do other farmers say about Yara precision farming tools?

Dr Alastair Leake - Director of Policy at the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, England

"Nitrogen Use Efficiency is one of the most significant challenges mankind faces if we are to reduce carbon and nutrient emissions, yet feed a growing global population. The Yara N-Tester is a valuable and practical tool for farmers to use, backed by decades of research results, to improve efficiency.

Graham Porter, Naveby, Lincolnshire

"The Yara N-Sensor transformed our business - It would be very difficult to farm this variable land without an N-Sensor, it is a marvellous tool for us." Read more

James O'Reilly Ballyragget Fm, Kilkenny, Ireland

"A fantastic first year with the Yara N-Sensor - we got on well with the N-Sensor last year, it is fantastic, the system worked well in daylight and darkness"  Read more

Jorin Grimsdale - Mountfair Farming, Duns, Berwickshire

Atfarm is very simple to use, taking just 10 mins to load all my field boundaries over the 2200 hectares of farming. I like to use satellite imagery to scout for any management issues. The maps are a very visual way of picking out differences in growth and development to help prioritise decisions. There are plenty of products being developed for farmers, but some do not deliver and I wouldn’t recommend, however I would recommend farmers to try Atfarm.

Improve your farm's nitrogen fertiliser efficiency

Improve your farm's nitrogen fertiliser efficiency

Improving nitrogen fertiliser efficiency is one way your farm can become more productive, profitable and sustainable. Try our quiz to find out how you can improve your farm's nitrogen fertiliser efficiency.

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