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Analysis of soil, plant tissue or water provides the information to ensure that crop nutrition decisions are timely, accurate, efficient and cost-effective.

Why conduct analysis?

Acquiring and utilising accurate information in the form of analytical data is fundamental to many decisions made in the agricultural, horticultural, environmental and amenity sectors.

For plant and crop production, it enables planning a fertiliser program that is accurate, timely and -- increasingly important -- environmentally responsible. 

In short, soil and leaf analysis provides the critical information required to ensure all crop nutrition decisions are accurate, efficient, cost-effective and responsible.

Hannah Shirt
Hannah Shirt
Business Development Manager - Analytical Services

Ireland and United Kingdom
FACTS Qualified Advisor (FQA)

Why choose Yara analytical services

Experienced and established reputation

Our laboratory has nearly 40 years of experience producing independent analytical data from many different materials. We specialize is servicing the agricultural, horticultural, environmental and amenity sectors. Regularly, we receive a wide range of sample types including soil, plant tissue, water, fruit, manures, slurries and fertilisers.

We currently perform over two million separate analyses every year on samples received from the UK and over 50 countries worldwide. Our customer base ranges from individual growers to independent agronomic consultants to multi-national companies, including research stations, academic bodies and government organizations.

Quick turnaround

Our key goal is to provide a rapid, accurate, cost-effective and understandable analytical testing service. At all stages, a knowledgeable back-up team fully supports this. They’re capable of delivering technical guidance and advice in a professional and courteous manner.

We understand the importance of timely advice. Therefore, we’re equipped and staffed to process samples quickly and efficiently. Most soil- and leaf-testing requests are completed within three working days from sample receipt to the emailed return of results.

Sample delivery is made as straightforward as possible, with postage-paid sample bags and a courier collection service available within the UK. 

Accredited quality assurance

Quality assurance is a critical part of everything we do here at Lancrop Laboratories. We want all our customers to have complete confidence in the results and reports we provide and to help us achieve this we have a robust quality system in place.

This quality system covers all aspects of the laboratory process, from sample receipt, through sample preparation and analysis, and the compiling and report of results. However, it also ensures that all vital laboratory functions such as staff training, maintenance, laboratory environment, and method and equipment validation are all performed to a standard suitable of a modern laboratory.

One way we ensure that our quality system remains appropriate is by the maintenance of our UKAS accreditation to BS EN ISO/IEC 17205 standard. This is an international standard with the purpose of demonstrating that a testing body, or laboratory, operate an adequate quality system, are technically competent and can generate technically valid and repeatable results. In the UK the accreditation is awarded by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and requires annual surveillance visits to the laboratory to inspect all levels of laboratory procedure.

Accreditation is method-specific and, therefore, may not cover every test that a laboratory provides. The list of methods on the Lancrop Laboratories schedule can be found here – https://www.ukas.com/wp-content/uploads/schedule_uploads/00002/4164Testing-Single.pdf

Furthermore, it is important to note that any opinions, interpretations and fertiliser recommendations provided on any report are outside of our scope of accreditation.

View or download a list of accredited analytical methods as a PDF from the UKAS website.

Full sampling guide included

Every sample pack has clear and concise information on how to take a representative sample.

How easy is it to understand the results?

Analytical data on its own is meaningless if the information is not understandable. 

Crop specific interpretation

Megalab software includes well-researched guidelines or trigger concentrations coupled to interpretations and recommendations specific to the crop, and these are included in our sample reports.

Fertiliser recommendations

Our plant nutrition knowledge means fertiliser product recommendations can be provided for all macro and micro nutrients.

Follow-up technical advice available

Contact us directly for additional information and advice to get the most from your results.

Easily accessible

Reports are released by email as soon as they become available from the laboratory. All results can be supplied in a variety of formats to ensure compatibility with other agronomic software packages. Paper copies can also be supplied by post upon request. In addition, direct access to all previous reports and further interpretation details is available at any time via the Internet.

Analysis enquiry form
Analysis enquiry form

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