Control of NOx emissions in power plants and other industrial sites

Control of NOx emissions in power plants and other industrial sites

Power plants as well as many industrial sites, such as cement, waste incinerators, glass manufacturing plants or refineries must increasingly be equipped with a NOx reduction system. This system is usually either SNCR (non-catalytic process) or SCR (catalytic method) in which urea reagent is injected. The UK & Ireland are subject to legislation based on the IPPC Directive which set limits on the emissions of nitrogen oxides.

Reduce NOx emissions at an optimised cost – share in over 20 years of experience with Yara

Since the 1990s we have offered a range of up to date solutions to prevent emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) for industrial sites. These solutions are marketed under the brand NOxCare. Working with colleagues in Europe, the UK & Ireland NoxCare sales team offer a range of solutions to assist you in reducing your NOx emissions:

  • SNCR technology
  • SCR technology
  • Hybrid SNCR/SCR technology
  • Reagents to reduce NOx emissions
  • After Sales Services

NOxCare expertise is wide ranging – from the design and construction of systems to reduce NOx emissions, through to supporting you in your daily NOx control activities, and assisting you with upgrading or optimising your current NOx reduction system. At all times we help you to optimise your system by:

  • Helping you choose the right technology.
  • Developing high quality equipment that requires low maintenance.
  • Calculating the precise reagent injection needed by your site.
  • Advising on the best reagent storage and equipment for your site.
Emma Inch
Emma Inch
Sales Manager - Base Chemicals