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Animal health and well-being starts with good nutrition. With our animal nutrition range of Bolifor® and Rumisan® products, Yara is committed to providing nutritional solutions for the production of quality food while ensuring the health and welfare of production animals and protecting the environment.


Yara phosphates are of consistently high quality because they come from Yara's own clean volcanic deposit in Finland.


Higher phosphorus digestibility means that a greater proportion of phosphorus can be absorbed by the animal.


Yara production runs 24/7 to ensure a steady and reliable supply.


Products are all fully traceable from Yara factories.

Four reasons to choose Yara as your animal nutrition supplier

1. Quality and traceability - our promise as a fully integrated manufacturer

Feed mills, integrators, pre-mixers and ultimately farmers across the UK will find our animal nutrition products and solutions to suit their needs. We are a fully integrated manufacturer that caters for the nutrition of cattle, pigs, poultry on-farm but also to aquaculture and for pet foods. Choosing Yara for your animal nutrition needs means:

2. Reliability and assurance - guaranteed supply of animal feed products

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At Yara, we control the entire industrial process for animal nutrition products, ensuring high-purity products, naturally low in undesirable substances. You can be sure of timely, reliable supply to the UK from our production sites supported by our dedicated customer service and logistics team. Our production network is certified according to HACCP, ISO 14001 and Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP+.

3. Return on investment - high nutritional value for better feed efficiency

Our inorganic feed phosphates are highly digestible. Higher phosphorus digestibility means that a greater proportion of phosphorus can be absorbed by the animal, therefore not voided. The higher the phosphorus digestibility in a feed phosphate is, the less quantity of product will be needed, thereby maximizing the return on your investment in feed.

4. Safety and convenience - animal nutrition products that are also tasty

Safety is at the heart of all our operations It matters to farmers that products are safe and convenient to use: All products are produced in a consistent prill or granule formulation, that guarantees homogeneous mixing and means less dust so they are safer to use. Conveniently sized packaging means the bags of animal nutrition products are both safer and easier to handle.

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Our animal nutrition sales team is based locally in the UK and are ready to answer your questions. If you have any questions or would just like to get in touch please provide your contact details and someone will get in touch.

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