Meet Atfarm - Yara's app for digital farming

As a global leader in nitrogen (N) fertiliser production, Yara's key ambition in the next decade is to build a nature-positive food future. Yara Research and Development created Atfarm in 2018 to help farmers reach these goals. 

In today's world when nitrogen fertiliser prices are volatile and their usage is regulated more every year, tools like Atfarm bring the power of technology to your fields using the computer and smartphone you already have. 

Planning Icon

Nutrition Planning

Understand the true nutrients of your crop 

Start by knowing how much fertiliser you'll need for the entire season. Atfarm's free Nutrition Planner goes beyond traditional methods in 3 important ways:

  • Growth stage nutrition overview 
  • Growth cycle nutrition summary 
  • Adaptable product planning 

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Track N-Uptake with N-Photo Analysis 

Get instant nitrogen uptake estimates 

The Atfarm algorithm estimates N-uptake based on the colour of your crop compared to a database of 100,000s images

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Variable N-rate Icon

Apply with Variable N-Rate Application 

Base your nitrogen applications on accurate biomass maps to set your crops up for success. Make the most of every kg of N applied by responding to the heterogeneity of your fields.

The Benefits of Variable N-Rate Application 

  • More from Less - Up to 7% more yield from up to 12% less nitrogen 
  • Improved yield quality and protein content 
  • An average of 12% better threshing
  • Improved Nitrogen Use Efficiency 

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Icon of the N tester BT

Measure with N-Tester BT 

Know the real N-uptake of your crops to improve your nitrogen management. N-Tester BT nitrogen rate recommendations are designed to help you fine tune your nitrogen fertiliastion throughout the growing season and maximise your yield return from every kg of nitrogen you apply. 

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Crop Satellite Monitoring Icon

Monitor crop growth anywhere, anytime 

Identify anomalies before they impact your yield without visiting the field.

  • Discover changes in crops due to weather conditions 
  • Monitor the performance of field trials and find problems early 
  • See what is happening on your fields no matter where you are 

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See the benefits with Atfarm

Atfarm supports your decisions through the season

Create a free Atfarm account and then get started with the N-tester BT, variable-rate fertilisation and remote crop monitoring.

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What do farmers and agronomists say about Atfarm?

Jorin Grimsdale - Mountfair Farming, Duns, Berwickshire

Atfarm is very simple to use, taking just 10 mins to load all my field boundaries over the 2200 hectares of farming. I like to use satellite imagery to scout for any management issues. The maps are a very visual way of picking out differences in growth and development to help prioritise decisions. There are plenty of products being developed for farmers, but some do not deliver and I wouldn’t recommend, however I would recommend farmers to try Atfarm.

George A - Farmer, Lincolnshire

"I decided to put my faith in N-Tester and only overruled it on a very few occasions, and I have to say it has done everything it promised it would. It hasn’t stolen any yield, and when I had the grain tested, I was pleased with the results. It got it bang on!"

Tom H - Farmer - Nottinghamshire 

"Better yielding, more even crops, more efficient use of nitrogen, especially when using a lot of manures, less lodging  – not to mention removing the human emotion element of choosing a rate to apply."

Dr Alastair Leake - Director of Policy at the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, England

"Nitrogen Use Efficiency is one of the most significant challenges mankind faces if we are to reduce carbon and nutrient emissions, yet feed a growing global population. The Yara N-Tester is a valuable and practical tool for farmers to use, backed by decades of research results, to improve efficiency.

Atfarm 'How To' videos

A series of short videos showing step by step 'How To' perform common tasks in Atfarm
Atfarm Mobile Phone App on Android and iPhone

Download Atfarm now for free 

Let Atfarm help you optimise your nitrogen fertilisation, increase yields and save costs.

  • Monitor your fields and crops from anywhere.
  • Easily identify growth differences in the field to measure nitrogen absorption in the crop leaves for in-season nitrogen recommendations.
  • Share your maps with colleagues.

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