How can you safely contribute to feeding a growing population and care for our planet?

It is possible to do both. Our nitrate-based solutions emit fewer greenhouse gasses and ammonia emissions than other alternatives. The benefits of switching to a nitrate-based solution are simple for you and our planet: cleaner air, and healthier soil and cleaner water.

Lower emissions, cleaner air

Fertiliser contributes to total emissions from agriculture: greenhouse gasses that lead to global warming, and ammonia that creates air pollution.

Whilst ammonia emissions from fertilisers are a relatively small proportion of the total ammonia emissions from agriculture, they are more easily controlled. Why are ammonia emissions in focus? Ammonia has a negative impact on air quality and human health. The treatment of human health-related respiratory issues linked to ammonia emissions has a monetary consequence, with a cost burden estimated to be more than 6 billion euros per year in Europe. 

We are committed to helping reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture by continuing to develop solutions that aim to reduce greenhouse gasses and improve air quality by lowering ammonia emissions.

Over the past 6 years, we have reduced N2O (a strong greenhouse gas) emissions in our production of nitrate-based fertilizers in Norway by 85%. Our ambition is to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Our nitrate-based solutions could release 18% lower greenhouse gasses per ton of crop than if you were to use urea.

By switching from urea-based fertilisers to nitrate-based solutions

Healthier soil and cleaner water

As nitrogen supply can vary across fields, supplying fertiliser in exact quantity is essential to giving your crop the precise nourishment it needs. Apply too little, and your crops will suffer. Apply too much, and excess nitrates will remain in the ground that may further leach into the groundwater. Our nitrate-based solutions combine our extensive agronomic knowledge with tools and products that actively reduce the risk of nitrogen overload and leaching while maintaining optimum yield.

One additional benefit of nitrate-based fertilisers is that they have a lower acidifying effect, maintaining a healthier soil pH for soil microflora.

Choosing nitrate-based solutions for your farm is a simple way you can positively affect human health by improving air quality, and slowing global warming, by reducing the carbon footprint per ton of food produced. Together, farmers and Yara can achieve our shared goal of producing more yield while reducing emissions.

Improve your farm's nitrogen fertiliser efficiency

Improve your farm's nitrogen fertiliser efficiency

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