Rumisan is Yara’s brand of feed grade urea, to support ruminant livestock 

For over 70 years, feed grade urea has been fed to dairy and beef cattle with successful results. By using Rumisan®, farmers can increase their yield, add value to their product and increase their margins. 


What is Rumisan?

Rumisan is a sustainable and efficient source of non-protein nitrogen (NPN). It contains 46% nitrogen which is equivalent to 288% Crude Protein. Non-protein nitrogen can be used to supplement the diet of cattle and other ruminants. Feed urea is by far the most used non-protein nitrogen. It helps maximize the benefits of poor-quality grazing by optimizing digestion – particularly in the dry season. Rumisan can help stem weight loss through improved rumen function in cattle when grazing feed quality is poor. 

Why use Yara’s Feed Urea? 

Ruminants can use NPN to synthesize microbial protein with high biological value. 

NPN is an efficient alternative to proteins. 

Soluble protein should be balanced in ruminant rations to allow maximum microbial growth thus microbial protein synthesis. 

source: FAO, EFSA 

Rumisan Feed Grade Urea 

Rumisan is Yara's brand of Feed Grade Urea. It is a solid white prill with an even round shape and cows like the taste of our Urea. 

Feed Grade Urea is classified as a feed additive and in the EU is approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as safe for animal consumption. 


Advantages of using Rumisan

  1. Profitability – Proven increase in profitability, thanks to lower feeding cost.
  2. Sustainability – Reduced need for vegetable proteins, contributing to reduce the need of arable land.
  3. Low protein – Boosts microbial protein synthesis in low true protein diets.
  4. High energy – Excellent results in energy-dense feeds (i.e. corn silage), but low in protein.
  5. Peace of mind – Ensures correct protein intake when fed on protein-deficient diets.

Global reach, traceable product 

We leverage our scale and expertise to specifically produce completely traceable and pure Feed Grade Urea in dedicated plants in: 

  1. Le Havre, France
  2. Brunsbüttel, Germany
  3. Yara is also active in Rumisan sales in Brazil and South Africa 

Yara Le Havre and Yara Brunsbüttel have implemented and maintain a Feed Safety Management System. This includes Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP+) in compliance with the FAMI-QS Code of Practice for Feed Additives operators for the marketing, production, warehousing, and packaging of Feed Additives. 

Emma Inch
Emma Inch
Sales Manager - Base Chemicals
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