Solar Power Molten Salt

With more than a century of expertise in nitrates and nitrogen chemicals, Yara has developed a new calcium nitrate and potassium (CN-K) ternary mixture. The new mixture of molten salts technologies is used to store thermal energy, or as a transfer fluid in thermodynamic power units. The new prill of calcium nitrate and potassium is a real step forward for the production of thermal energy in CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) which is a clean, renewable and safe energy.

This innovation is:

  • Synthetic
  • Chloride free
  • A ternary molten salt containing calcium nitrate and potassium

Molten salt for Solar Power

Reducing solar thermal energy costs through improved solar technology

This new generation of molten salts has been developed by Yara to reduce the cost of solar power generated using CSP technology. This new generation of solar technology provides several technical improvements over binary salts. Used as heat transfer fluid (HTF) for the storage and transfer of solar thermal power, the ternary molten salts bring you:

  • Cheaper solar energy
  • More durability for your CSP plant
  • Increased safety.

Cost advantages and safety

Yara’s new molten salts bring safety and cost benefits across the whole life cycle of solar thermal power plants.

The advantages of using Yara’s molten salt in the production of solar energy with concentrated solar panels:

  • Cheaper molten salt mix means cheaper solar energy
  • Lower melting point temperature reduces solar power costs
  • Wider temperature range (Wider delta Tª) means you will need less molten salts to produce solar thermal power

At high temperatures, this ternary mix with Yara’s molten salts brings thermal performances that can be compared to those of binary salts.

  • Increase the lifetime of your solar power plant, thanks to the lower corrosiveness of Solar CSP Molten Salts
  • Reduce the risk of molten salt solidification, which was a technical challenge causing plant damage, stoppage and maintenance costs for previous molten salt technologies.

Yara’s ternary molten salts: discover the next generation of solar thermal power generation.

Supply reliability in around the world

Yara, the world’s largest nitrates producer, guarantees a reliable supply for its molten salts. Every year, over 20 million tons of Yara products are delivered to over 150 countries through our strong worldwide logistics network. This is possible because of our unrivalled network of production plants around the world that is served by a logistics system of 200 terminals and warehouses. Solar Power Molten Salt is delivered to your plant exactly when you need it in Europe, the Middle East, Africa or the Americas. Choosing to partner with Yara, means you choose innovation and reliability.

Adam Reid
Adam Reid
Business Manager – NitCal