What is the Green Tractor Scheme?

The Green Tractor Scheme is an ever-expanding group of environmentally focused, forward-thinking businesses that are positively affecting UK agriculture; by lobbying for and inspiring innovation within farm plastic recycling. It is an industry-led solution, championing the recycling of farm plastic.

Operating a network of independent waste plastic collectors and collection points throughout the UK, the scheme provides a solution for farmers to dal with their plastic waste correctly. 

Green Tractor assures that farm plastic recycled through their network is to the highest standard and the necessary education is provided for all farms and agricultural groups to ensure this. We assure that waste collected by Green Tractor is fully traceable, accredited and dealt with correctly and due dilligence is performed to ensure farm plastic is recycled and repurposed. 

We joined the scheme to demonstrate a desire to support rural recycling snd promote trade within the farming community. Joining Green Tractor helps us to exhibit that we are a business taking a sustainable stance for agriculture to support the farming industry and circular economy. Through our ambassadorial role, we are directly investing in the future of agriculture and wearing the Green Tractor badge with pride in the knowledge we are furthering the progress of agricultural recycling and the future of agriculture itself.

Key Statistics:

  • 1000s tonnes of farm plastic collected every year.
  • 1000s of farming customers already a part of the scheme.
  • 80+ recycling sites across the whole of the UK.
  • Ambition to ensure all farm plastic is recycled by 2030.
  • EIA_report_0208.qxd (eia-international.org)

To learn more about the scheme, visit the website here


Yara recyclable bags 

At Yara, we're committed to continually reducing our environmental footprint, Yara's ambition is 'Growing a Nature-Positive Food Future'. By delivering solutions to meet the planet's greatest challenges. Since 2022, Yara introduced new fertiliser 'big-bags'.

Yara fertiliser bags now contain a minimum of 30% recycled plastic 

All Yara fertiliser bags can be recycled up to nine times

Discover how Yara big bags are manufactured

Find out what goes into the manufacturing process of Yara’s big bags from our Sustainability & Business Solutions Manager, Mark Tucker and General Manager & Director of FPS Chris Poole.